woensdag 26 januari 2011


I still have English writing tomorrow but well that is not that difficult and I allready have a 7.1 jeeej.
I went to school today with my little pretty pearl flower necklace, I bought it a few weeks ago but I didn't wore it till today because one of the flowers was gone.. so yesterday I found it and I glued it just back on his place.
Sorry for my bad english I just write what I think it is = D.
So here is what I wore today, nothing special.
I love the floral top (H&M) and I loveeee pearls so that is why my headbad, earrings ánd my pretty little necklace are covered with pearls JEEEJ.
I'm sorry for the JEEEJ'S all the time, I really like the word JEEEJ it fits my life !!
hihi can't wait till its fall and than till its summer and than SUMMERVACATION JEEJ SPANJE AND GREECE WHOEHOE.
I just can't wait. But well I am going on with the thing I do the whole day: doing nothing JEEEJ.
bye lovelies!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Dankje :). Ik heb de Olympus 565-UZ. En ik heb mijn layout met photofiltre en photoline gemaakt, hoe precies kan ik niet uitleggen :P.

  2. leuke jas en schoenen! Bedankt dat je me volgt trouwens =) Dat vind ik echt heel leuk! ik ga je terugvolgen!